Gorilla Robot BB2014.1 



Who needs Al Harrington and his Wacky Waving Flailing Arm Inflatable Tube Man Emporium when you can have Gorilla Robot advertising for your business!

Our gorilla is the perfect way to attract additional foot traffic into your business. By far one of the most unique advertising methods you will ever see, this Gorilla Robot is an advanced animatronic marvel that will dazzle and amaze people as they pass near your location. Ultra-realistic, at a distance, it is nearly impossible to tell your new gorilla isn't a person in a suit! Why pay someone to stand out in front of your store when you can have your gorilla operate for pennies a day in electricity costs versus spending hundreds of dollars per week on a professional performer? Our gorilla is no "wooden Indian" either! The constant movement will grab the attention of even the most aloof potential customer as they pass by your place of business.

Standing a massive six foot six, your very own Gorilla Robot will make your business stand out like a sore thumb, even in an advertising world already crowded by sign-twirlers, fire eaters, tube men, and other gimmicks designed to capture your target audience's attention. Own a car wash, auto dealership, family restaurant, or any sort of retail store? Adults and children go ape at the sight of our big guy and love to have their photos taken with him! What better way to draw droves of potential customers in to your storefront than to have our lovable, fun Gorilla standing out front! The possibilities are endless. 

 Gorilla x2.1  

Just like a real gorilla, ours is made for the outdoors! This mechanized marvel features rugged design essentials that ensure years of use, such as solid steel frame and rugged plastic inner shell.  The ingenious mounting base is made with a tough exterior-grade carpet and a removable hollow inner base so that extra weight can be added to make it more stable and wind-resistant. Whether your business is in Chicago, Miami, or Anchorage - this big guy is built to last!   

Did we mention it is manufactured right here in the United States? Your Gorilla will not be shipping from some mysterious Asian port-of-call - he will come directly to your door and will not only help support your business but help support the national economy to boot! And you thought gorillas came from Africa!

Included with your new gorilla is a 21"x36" changeable letter sign with one box of 4" letters. Creating custom messages is a snap! With only minor assembly (that any monkey could do) just plug it into any 110 volt outlet and you are ready to begin waving down passersby by the dozens!

Whether you own a auto dealership, car wash, restaurant, retail store, or just have a wicked sense of humor - our gorilla is the perfect addition to your business!